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To promote the interdisciplinary research that encompasses the humanities, the social sciences, and the neurosciences, the Department of Humanities and Social Science at National Science Council (NSC), now called Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), supported the “MRI and MEG Installation and Service Plan”, and established the “Brain Research Initiative Net for Mind Science”. National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU), with its faculty expertise in the humanities and the social sciences, and National Yang-Ming University (NYMU), with its faculty expertise in the neurosciences, collaborated on this project.

“Taiwan Mind & Brain Imaging Center” (TMBIC) was served as one of the Instrument Centers of NSC from Aug. 1, 2012. The training programs include several courses to discuss and share the neuroscience knowledge and fMRI techniques, and the research suggestions and consultations on the topics of humanities and social science domains. This project aims to make this valuable facility available to all the local researchers who apply these technologies to their studies in the humanities and the social sciences.  TMBIC aims to promote the mind sciences in Taiwan, to the degree that its research results will achieve global recognition.