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Participant Notice

1.      To reduce the safety problem, the persons involved in the experiments must be under the guidance of the operator.


2.     If the participant has the following conditions, please inform the operator before the experiment:

a)    Those who have had heart, brain and other major operations.

b)    Those who have a history of affective or mental illness, brain injury, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, etc.

c)    Those who have implanted metal substances in the body, such as: steel nails, heart rhythm regulators, artificial heart valves, cochlear implants, internal electrodes, nerve stimulators, drug injectors implanted in the body, vascular stents, magnetic prostheses, magnetic prostheses, metal prostheses, metal joints and other important organ metal implants.

d)    Those with metal dentures, fixed metal braces, and braces in the mouth.

e)    Those with a history of drug allergy or who have continued to take any medication.

f)     Those with claustrophobia.

g)    Those with pregnancy.

3.     Avoid wearing or carrying any metal or magnetic objects into the scanning room, such as watches, dentures, necklaces, earrings, glasses, hairpins, keys, coins, cell phones, pagers, magnetic cards, credit cards, hearing aids, metal straps, buckle, waist, plaster and other items.

4.     Although the magnetic resonance angiography is harmless to the human body, it will emit noise during the scanning process. In order to reduce the noise, the center will provide a pair of personal earplugs for each subject. Before entering the scanning room, the participant must verify of having wear earplugs.

As magnetic resonance image is very sensitive to movement, the quality of the images will be bad if the participant moves the head or body during the scanning process. Therefore, the participant is suggested to remain still during the experiment.