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Advanced Consultation


Applicants who wish to apply for advanced consultation should fill out the form and send it to We will arrange appropriate consultant and confirm the consultation time as soon as possible.


n     Advanced consultation service is designed to answer questions that cannot be clarified by online consultation. Due to limited space and hardware, up to two people can come to the center to discuss issues each time.
n     Recommended bringing your own laptop and data to facilitate the consultation.
n     After receiving an application, the confirmation e-mail will be sent to the applicant and a copy to applicant's principal investigator (PI). Please reply the confirmation e-mail within 7 working days after the notification, or it will be deemed to abandon the consultation service. The consultation time will be open to others.
n     Advanced consultation service is limited to 1 hour for each applicant in general, though it can be extended depending on the booking schedule of the day.
n    The applicant can discuss the follow-up consultation service with the consultant if needed.